Big Canoe Weather

Mountain Vista Rental Guests:  We will keep you up to date on any weather related situations in Big Canoe prior to your arrival and be able to make necessary changes if necessary to prevent delays getting you into the homes in the event of a snow or ice.The details below will help clarify what can be expected at Big Canoe during adverse weather.

When a winter weather event is pending, the following information is issued so that Property Owners/Guests can anticipate their personal preparatory needs and make suitable plans.

·  During snow and ice conditions the roads are scraped and graveled for emergency vehicle access. The POA’s primary objective is to maintain emergency response capabilities to residents. Big Canoe emergency vehicles are all four wheel drive and equipped with studded tires and chains, allowing them to travel where conventional vehicles cannot.

·   Depending on the type and extent of precipitation, many of the minor roads will likely not be scraped or graveled before nature fixes the problem with sunlight and favorable temperatures. 

·    The transponder operated gates may be closed during snow/ice or other weather related conditions. This is done to allow staff to inform residents of travel conditions and help prevent residents from becoming stranded or involved in an accident. A few minutes delay may be experienced as all entering traffic is funneled through the lane next to the guard house.  The intent is to prevent possible hours of delays on the roads.

·   The Big Canoe roads are never closed to residents. It may be recommended that residents not use the roads but Public Safety will not bar them from attempting to reach their homes. For residents who choose to drive in hazardous conditions and become stranded, help, if needed, could be hours away. 

·   Vehicles parked or abandoned on or along the road will be subject to removal at the owner’s expense. Emergency vehicles may push your vehicle off the roadway in order to maintain emergency traffic flow. The Big Canoe POA is not responsible for damage to parked or abandoned vehicles.

·   Those who choose not to drive in Big Canoe may leave the property or may choose to park in the Wildcat Recreation Area parking lot or in locations otherwise directed by Public Safety.  Public Safety will attempt to take residents from that lot or other specified parking areas to their homes, time and road conditions permitting.  Responding to emergencies will be the first priority for Public Safety employees and the wait time for transportation could be quite long if there are fires or medical emergencies.   

·    During snow/icy conditions guests will not be transported. Resources are dedicated to residents. (Do not invite guests to Big Canoe to see the snow!) Guests will be turned away at the gates.

·   The Public Safety staff will not transport residents from home to home within Big Canoe for social or discretionary purposes.  Emergency service and aid to stranded Property Owners are the priorities. 

·    When a weather event is predicted or imminent, it is recommended that residents have several days of supplies available.  Residents should consider items in addition to food such as prescription drugs, bottled water and pet food.  Public Safety does not provide transport to obtain supplies.

·   In extreme cases of road icing, where even Public Safety vehicles have difficulty operating safely, the Clubhouse at Lake Sconti and other secondary facilities may operate as emergency shelters.  When the POA determines that such a condition exists, Public Safety will transport Property Owners arriving from outside to an emergency shelter. 

·   Early road information issued by the POA during weather events will reflect the general road conditions at the time of the communications.  Individual road and driving conditions, as well as driver skills and equipment, are extremely variable and any specific condition information published could be misinterpreted.  Driving decisions are the sole responsibility of the drivers.  Particularly troublesome road areas may be highlighted in communications in an attempt to divert traffic but it is impossible to highlight all potentially hazardous areas.  Callers asking the Public Safety dispatcher or the gates for road information will receive the same information as provided in the email updates.