Terms and Conditions

Check-in and Checkout Times
Check-in time:      3:00 PM
Check-out time:  11:00 AM

Confirmation of your reservation will be emailed after booking. Please read the confirmation for accuracy of dates and accommodations. Any errors must be directed to the reservations department within seven days of emailing or booking.  Upon receipt of the reservation email, please click the link for terms and conditions, then sign online, click finished, and it will be sent back to our office completed.

Payments Schedules
Within 48 hours of receiving payment, the confirmation and electronic lease agreement will be sent to you. The total cost of the reservation (short-term lease), including rent, fees, and taxes, shall be paid based upon the following structure:

  • When your arrival date is more than 120 days out, 15% of the reservation is due.
  • If your arrival date is between 31 and 120 days out, half of the balance is due now and the remainder is due 30 days prior to check-in. 
  • If your arrival date is less than or equal to 30 days out, your entire balance is due at booking.

Cancellation Policy
Guest cannot cancel (and receive reimbursement of rental funds) reservation, select a different property, or change arrival date for properties 4 bedrooms and larger if the arrival date is within 6 months. Guest cannot cancel (and receive reimbursement of funds) reservation, select different property, or change arrival date, for properties 3 bedrooms and smaller, if the arrival date is within 3 months. There will be no refunds issued to Guest by Agent should Guest cancel reservation within guidelines of reservation arrival.

Trip Insurance is available for purchase, prior to last scheduled payment. Refunds or credits will not be issued due to any weather-related conditions and/or Acts of God that may hinder your trip, as these are not considered customary conditions for Agent operations. If an event such as this occurs, Agent will assess the situation and form a proprietary plan of action to address affected reservations. If Agent reschedules reservation dates, Agent may refund the amount for which it was rebooked, excluding the reservation fee, property protection (or enhanced property protection) or trip insurance, which are non-refundable. Agent reserves the right to charge up to $150.00 to move cabins, change dates, or cancel reservation.  {{initial}}

Cancellation Protection
Cancellation protection is best explained as “the ability to cancel a booking” service. Cancellation Protection allows you to cancel your reservation at any point prior to initial use of your keycode (check-in).

Cancellation Protection Disclaimer

  • Guest can cancel for any reason and will be refunded all nightly rents and fees, except the cost of cancellation protection and the reservation fee.
  • Refund will be processed immediately but may take up to 7 business days to reflect on guest’s banking account.
  • Cancellation protection must be purchased at time of booking.
  • All taxes are non-refundable. 

Under extreme circumstances, typically labeled force majeure or act(s) of God, including but not limited to:acts of God, fire, flood, earthquake, strong winds, war, hostilities, invasion, act of foreign enemies, mobilization, requisition, embargo, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, civil war, contamination by nuclear/biological/ other agents, riot, strikes, acts or threats of terrorism or any other circumstances, agent reserves the right to enforce extenuating circumstances policies that may preclude the agent from fulfilling the terms of cancellation protection. 

Departure Cleaning
A departure cleaning fee is charged once to each reservation. Pricing variations may apply for larger homes down to smaller condominiums.

House Parties
House parties are not allowed! Occupancy is strictly limited to the sleeping capacity of the property. Maximum sleeping capacity is: 1BR=4 persons, 2BR=4-6 persons, 3BR=8 persons, 4BR=10 persons, 5BR=10-12 persons, 6BR=12-16. Management reserves the right to enter the rental property anytime to investigate disturbances, check occupancy and/or check for damages.  No condominium or house will be rented to vacationing students or younger singles unless accompanied by a parent. Renter must be 25 years of age or older. Parents must check in and occupy the condominium or house with their children during the entire rental period. 

All parking is limited to driveway or parking pad of home and at some locations more limited than others. Two spaces are provided for a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and/or 3 bedroom properties. You are subject to the parking regulations as set by the Big Canoe Security Department.  If you are bringing a motorcycle, RV or trailer, please call in advance to make arrangements for possible storage, as they are not allowed inside the gates at Big Canoe.

Rental Periods
Some properties accept weekly reservations only during the Summer; however, a (2) two-night minimum is required and (3) three night minimum for Major Holidays on all properties.

A basic supply of linens are provided to match the occupancy maximum in each property. Bed linen and bath towels are not changed during your stay. A start-up set of all soaps, shampoo/conditioner, toilet tissue, facial tissue and trash bags are also supplied.

For Sale
If a property is for sale, the owner and real estate agents DO NOT have the right to show property to prospective buyers during your short-term rental dates. Longer term renters will be given the option to allow showings during their stay. Your privacy will always be honored during your stay.

All properties are individually owned and are decorated to suit the owner. Decor, style, and color will vary. Furnishings are subject to change without notice. Please do not transfer furnishings of any kind from one property to another. Movement or Loss of these items as well as damage to the unit or furnishings in excess of normal wear, will incur a charge. If you require special appliances or equipment, please ask rental agent or bring them with you.

Sleeper Sofas
Some properties offer sleeper sofas, and recommend they be used by children/kids.   Sheets are provided and normally in the master bedroom closet for use on the sleeper sofa.

Please report any malfunctioning equipment or damage as soon as possible to your check-in location. Every effort will be made to correct the situation as soon as possible. Repairmen and rental agents may enter the premises during business hours for purposes connected with repair, care, or maintenance of the rental property.


Fire department regulations prohibit use of a grill at Condominiums.  All other homes are provided with either a charcoal or propane grill.

Fireworks are prohibited at all rental properties! The use of fireworks on buildings, grounds or the beach is against city/state ordinances and the fire code. Use of fireworks will be reported to Big Canoe Security Department. Parents are responsible for supervising their children. Please leave your fireworks at home.

Telephone Service
Each property has a land line telephone for use when calling 911 or other 800 Numbers for Emergencies. Long distance calls must be made collect, charged to your credit card/home phone or use your cell phone.  AT&T and Verizon Cell coverage is 85-90% throughout Big Canoe.  Metro PCS, T-Mobile, and Sprint have 10% or less coverage within the gates of Big Canoe.

Cribs and High Chairs
Porta Cribs, high chairs and baby gates will be provided at no cost upon request or can be added to your reservation.

Inclement Weather
Refunds will not be made due to inclement weather. If Big Canoe Main Gate is closed prior to your arrival due to snow or ice, rental agent will contact you direct and make discuss provisions to ensure your safety and timely check-in.

Agency Disclosure
Mountain Vista Rentals, LLC serves as the agent and representative of all owners of condominium units and houses on its rental program, and is acting always, in and for the best interest of the owners.

Unless specifically approved in writing, pets, as well as animals of any kind, are not allowed, with the exception of recognized and approved service animals. Properties that allow pets are limited to two (2) animals of no more than seventy-five (75) pounds each, and as such will be subject to an additional non-refundable pet fee per approved animal. Pets are not allowed in pools, hot tubs, bathtubs, or showers. 

The pet fee covers entry to the property and does NOT cover any of the following:

  • Urine on floors, carpet, linens, furniture, etc.
  • Scratched floors, walls, doors, trim, furniture, etc.
  • Damage to carpet, rugs, blinds or any other items in the property
  • Excessive pet hair and slobber
  • Extra cleaning and flea treatments

In the event a guest allows an unapproved or non-allowed animal of any kind on the Premises, Guest will be assessed an additional non-refundable fee of $500.00 and may also be subject to immediate eviction pursuant to Agent’s eviction policy set forth herein.

Every effort has been made to assure all descriptions are accurate, however Mountain Vista Rentals, LLC is not responsible for changes in furnishings and equipment, or for printing errors. Rates and specials are subject to change without notice.

Use of Amenities
All Big Canoe amenities are available for your enjoyment inside the gates.  Some of these amenities have a cost involved to use, see amenities page for more details.  By using these facilities, you assume responsibility and liability for your actions. Neither the property owner, the management company, nor the owner’s association assumes any liability for accidents or injuries.

Lost and Found
Although we are not responsible for personal items missing or left behind, we will attempt to locate and return them to you for the cost of $10.00. Any unclaimed items will be donated to charity or discarded. 


Checkout Procedures
Please make sure the kitchen is left clean with all pots, and pans washed and put back in the appropriate cabinets.  Please place all remaining dishes and silverware into dishwasher and run on quick setting.  Please wash 1 full load of towels and transfer to dryer for up to 90 minutes prior to departure.

  • Please make sure all trash is taken to dumpsters at the North Gate from your property before/during your check out.
    Trash chutes and/or trash receptacles compactors are provided for your convenience at the North Gate area, shown on map.
  • Please set all HVAC thermostat units temperature to 80°F for summer and 60°F for winter.
  • Strip beds of sheets and pillow cases ONLY and place with Towels near washing machine in property.
  • Our housekeepers will finish washing the linens, remake the beds, replace linens, vacuum, dust, clean the bathrooms, and mop the floors.  If additional cleaning is required, there may be an additional charge over the standard cleaning fee.
  • Keys must be returned to lockbox.  Lost keys will result in a cost of $10.00 per key.