Big Canoe Community Amenities

When you stay at a Big Canoe rental with Mountain Vista Rentals, you’ll have full access to a variety of community amenities for all ages. From swimming, hiking, and fishing to golfing, playing tennis, and soaking in the hot tub, the 8,000-acre gated Big Canoe Community has so much to offer YOUR memorable vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia! While amenities with hired staff cost a reasonable fee (all taxes included) to participate, there are also plenty of free things to do in the Big Canoe Community. 

Championship Golf Course

Enjoy leisurely golf with scenic views of valleys, streams, and mountains at Big Canoe’s 27-hole golf course. Putt on the practice green and perfect your swings on the driving range before challenging the Cherokee, Creek, and Choctaw 9-hole courses designed by Joe Lee. There’s also a pro shop to pick up golf gear or souvenirs. 

Daily Fee & Range Rate

  • Driving Range | $35/day
  • 18-hole Game | $120 (includes cart fee)

Tennis, Pickleball & Bocce

For more fun, the Big Canoe Community features 14 game courts to play tennis, pickleball, or bocce! Most of the outdoor courts are lit and feature a mix of clay and hard surfaces, and there are a couple of indoor courts as well. There’s also a pro tennis shop with designer brands and a large stone patio for viewers. 

Hourly Fee

  • Outdoor Hard Tennis Court | $35
  • Outdoor Clay Tennis Court | $40
  • Indoor Tennis Court | $60
  • Pickleball Court | $35
  • Bocce Court | $30

Fishing at the Lakes

Cast a line for rainbow trout, bass, bream, or crappie at 2 of the 3 lakes of Big Canoe: Lake Petit, Lake Sconti, and Lake Disharoon (beachside recreation). You can rent a pontoon boat, canoe, rowboat, or kayak at the Big Canoe Marina and grab fishing gear at The Shack. Anyone 12 years of age and older must have a fishing permit, which can be purchased at the lakeside marina.

Daily Fee

  • Fishing | $20

Outdoor Water Fun

Splash at a swimming pool or the sandy beach with lake views on your Big Canoe vacation. The Beach Club at Lake Disharoon boasts complimentary paddleboards, kayaks, and other watercraft plus the 200-foot rockslide, beach volleyball, and picnic areas. Featuring zero-entry, a kiddie pool, and cool water features, the 104,000-gallon Wildcat Pool is another great option! There are also lifeguards on duty and bathrooms on site.

Daily Fee

  • Beach Club + Wildcat Pool | $20
  • Wildcat Pool | $8

Wellness Center 

Combining a fitness center with spa features, the 17,000-square-foot Wellness Center at Big Canoe offers fun and relaxation in one location. Play racquetball, work out, splash in the indoor saltwater pool, soak tired muscles in the bubbly hot tub or steamy sauna, and book a massage…for starters. 

Daily Fee

  • Wellness Center + Indoor Pool | $20
  • Indoor Pool | $10

FREE Things to Do in Big Canoe

Along with paid activities, there are plenty of free things to do inside Big Canoe! Hike, take a scenic drive, or ride your mountain bike along 20+miles of trails that feature waterfalls, lush trees, and mountain views. Hang out and sunbathe at the lakes or toss a ball on the playfields. You can take the kiddos to the playgrounds or the puppies to the dog park. 

Restaurants & Grocery

Big Canoe features not only fun things to do with family and friends but also a variety of restaurants and even a nearby grocery store to make your stay in the North Georgia Mountains super convenient. Enjoy formal dining with views of Lake Sconti at Mountains Grill, toss back a couple of craft beers at the Black Bear Pub, or grab a quick bite at Duffer’s. And pick up tasty treats, vacation essentials, and ingredients for homemade meals at the local grocery store just outside the main gate.

Event Planning

Plan your next big event — be it a wedding, anniversary, graduation, promotion, reunion, corporate celebration, or birthday milestone — at the multimillion-dollar Big Canoe Clubhouse or the Big Canoe Chapel (you’re welcome to attend Sunday services regardless) with a scenic reception at one of 3 venues inside the mountain community. 

Big Canoe Rentals

Our condo and cabin rentals in the Big Canoe Community offer the perfect place to retreat with family or friends for a while. From stunning mountain vistas and cozy wood-burning fireplaces to luxury touches and homey conveniences, we have your ideal mountain getaway! Plus, you’ll be within walking distance or a short drive to all the Big Canoe amenities. 

Questions on community amenities or how to book your Big Canoe rental? Feel free to reach out anytime at 1.866.262.6931. Mountain Vista Rentals is here to help book YOUR memorable Big Canoe vacation today!