Hike, Mountain Bike & Drive Beautiful Big Canoe Trails in North Georgia

Gorgeous mountain views, cascading waterfalls, towering trees, peaceful streams, lush meadows, mesmerizing wildlife, sparkling lakes, and vibrant wildflowers can be spotted along Big Canoe trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Within the 8,000-acre, amenity-loaded Big Canoe Community, there are 8 scenic parks with 33 trails and connectors plus 10 access paths. In total, there are nearly 25 miles of trails — created and maintained by the Big Canoe Trails Committee since 1998 — to explore on your mountain getaway.

Along with breathtaking landscapes and scenery, Big Canoe trails feature information kiosks, historic structures (including Native American rock mounds), picnic areas, and rest stops. Blazes lead the way on longer hiking trails in Big Canoe. Dogs are allowed on a leash, and trails range from easy to challenging for every fitness level. The Big Canoe Hiking Club welcomes new hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to join them on even more nearby trails in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, including the Appalachian Amicalola Falls Trail, and Benton MacKaye Trail. 

Between adventures and peaceful escapes along hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and Jeep trails in Georgia, Big Canoe offers tons of entertainment, outdoor activities, and exclusive extras! From dog parks, playgrounds, a beach club on Lake Disharoon, and a championship golf course to restaurants, lakeside fun, tennis courts, and a sauna, there’s something for everyone. And you can stay at an amenity-loaded cabin rental or outfitted condo within walking distance of Big Canoe trails!

High Gap Park — Joe’s Trails

Meandering through 36 woodland acres — with springs, small waterfalls, sun-dappled forests, a wooden bridge over a babbling brook, natural seating, and even ancient trail marker trees set by Native Americans — 3 miles of Big Canoe trails can be found in High Gap Park. 


  • Blue Trail | 0.5 miles


  • White Trail | 0.6 miles
  • Wildcat Drive Access — to Blue Trail | 0.2 miles
  • Yellow Trail | 0.2 miles
  • High Gap Connector — to Wildcat Park’s Blue Loop | 0.4 miles


  • Black Bear Point Access — to White Trail | 0.2 miles
  • Red Trail | 0.4 miles
  • Purple Trail | 0.5 miles

McDaniel Meadows Park

Intertwining a series of crushed gravel trails in Big Canoe, McDaniel Meadows Park welcomes visitors who prefer a more leisurely walk with plenty of options to turn and loop. This part of the Big Canoe Community was also created as an aviary sanctuary. Groves of trees and open wildflower meadows — with black-eyed susans, passionflowers, and cardinal flowers — attract native birds of all kinds. 

Eventually, you’ll come across a woodland foot trail following a flowing stream. You’ll cross a wooden bridge on your relaxing journey and spot fireplace ruins from an old homestead as well. A fenced dog park is nearby for your canine friends to run and play! 


  • Meadows Paths | 1.7 miles


  • Meadows Connector — to Wildcat Rec Area | 0.5 miles

Wildcat Park + Wildcat Recreation Area

If you’re a runner or cyclist or have a group of people who want to hike together, the wider paved trails in Wildcat Park are a great fit. Between 4.4 miles of trails plus 1 mile of access paths, there are over 5 miles to stretch your legs, ride bicycles, and take Fido out for a scenic stroll. 

Trees, streams, native trail markers, grassy open spaces, plus 2 dog parks — one for small pups and one for large fur babies — await your family-friendly adventure. And you can pop over to the Wildcat Recreation Area to play bocce, shoot basketball, splash at the swimming pool, explore another dog park, and let the kiddos loose on the playground.

Psst…the Big Canoe Trails Committee has even uncovered a moonshining site near Wildcat Park on the Red Loop! You can spot the old still and tin cans (likely used for food to sustain long hours at “work”) at mile marker #5. 


  • Perimeter Trail — around the Wildcat Rec Area | 0.6 miles
  • Red Trillium Access — to Red Loop | 0.1 miles
  • Wildcat Connector — follows Wildcat Parkway to Red Loop | 0.6 miles
  • Red Loop | 1.8 miles
  • Blue Loop | 1.3 miles
  • Wildcat Trail Access — to Blue Loop | 0.6 miles


  • Bobcat Ridge Access — to Blue Loop | 0.2 miles
  • Blazing Star Access — to Blue Loop | 0.1 miles

Meditation Park + Choctaw Village

Walk among hemlock trees, meditate on a stone slab next to a soothing creek, and unwind in a botanical garden — featuring popping rhododendrons and mountain laurel — in Meditation Park not far from the Main Gate. Along these woodland Big Canoe trails in Meditation Park, you’ll cross a suspended bridge, pass the Blackwell Creek Bridge Ruins from 1915, and come upon a cemetery. 

Nearby, Choctaw Village features a perimeter trail with an extension leading to Choctaw Pass to get to the Big Canoe Clubhouse. On this Big Canoe trail, you’ll pass beneath a pergola arch, cross another beautiful bridge, and spot the Big Canoe Golf Course. Log rockers and benches are great for a rest among the trees or by the creek. And just past the entrance to the right, you can explore the ruins of a grist and sawmill! 


  • Blackwell Creek Way Access — to Covered Bridge Trail | 0.25 miles
  • Nature Trail — by Botanical Garden | 0.3 miles


  • Covered Bridge Trail | 0.5 miles
  • John Williams Trail | 0.6 miles
  • Blackwell Creek Trail | 0.5 miles
  • Choctaw Trail | 1.3 miles

Nature Valley Park + Jeep Trails

Leading from the Wellness Center and Swim Club along Disharoon Creek to Oglethorpe Mountain, there are 7.3 miles of hiking trails and Jeep trails in Nature Valley Park — one of the oldest parks in Big Canoe, GA. Trek past ferns, cross a floating bridge on Lake Disharoon, meander around enchanting tree roots, visit a historic log cabin built in the mid-1800s, and relax by serene waterfalls on these rugged and rewarding trails. 

Prefer a driving adventure with stunning mountain views? Traverse the wondrous Big Canoe Jeep trails — boasting steep inclines, deep ruts, muddy spots, water crossings, and boulders galore! You can drive the 2-way Lower Jeep Trail, the 1-way Upper Jeep Trail, or the entire Jeep Trail at 2.3 miles. Note: for safety reasons, only 4-wheel-drive vehicles are allowed. ATVs, Polaris, motorbikes, and 2-cycle vehicles are not permitted. 


  • Cabin Loop Trail | 0.2 miles
  • Lower Jeep Trail — 2-way path | 0.7 miles
  • Wildflower Trail | 0.4 miles


  • Upper Falls Trail | 0.6 miles
  • Yellow Root Access — to Cabin Loop Trail | 0.1 miles
  • Lower Falls Trail | 0.9 miles
  • Upper Jeep Trail — 1-way path | 1.6 miles 
  • Lake Trail – Lake Disharoon | 1.2 miles


  • Nancy Womack Trail — steepest Big Canoe trail | 1.6 miles

Playfield Park

Set with trees all around and valley views of the Appalachian foothills, Playfield Park offers more family-friendly trails in Big Canoe, GA. Sprint, jog, or walk the gravel running track around a large grassy playfield and lay out a picnic blanket for lunch. There’s a kids’ playground for more fun and games. And the Black Bear Project has added adorable bear sculptures around the area. 

Along with the running trail that crosses Petit Creek, there are 2 additional trails to follow. Multiple bridges, branch steps, and lush overhang add a touch of mountain charm to your strolls on these beautiful woodland paths. 


  • Village Trail | 0.25 miles
  • Playfield Trail | 0.15 miles
  • Running Track | 0.25 miles

Indian Rocks Park

Known for Native American rock cairns (mounds of stones set as memorials or landmarks), Indian Rocks Park is another of the oldest parks in Big Canoe, GA. There are 3 relatively easy trails; just be mindful of exposed roots and rocky terrain along your self-guided tour. Along the trails, you’ll cross streams, get an up-close view of the fascinating rock mounds, and read posted signs about the plants in the area. 


  • Lake Petit Trail | 0.3 miles
  • Indian Mounds Trail | 0.3 miles
  • Indian Mounds Loop Trail | 0.2 miles

Ken & Billie Ann Rice Park — Formerly Waterford Park

Go for a lakeside hike at the Ken & Billie Ann Rice Park on 2 trails with 2 access points. These Big Canoe trails meander around 2 spring-fed Waterford lakes: Blackwell Springs Lake and Toad’s Pond. Walk around these easier trails, spotting waterfowl, splashing fish, and reflective cloud and tree scenes on calm days. 

You’ll also pass by the well-manicured Big Canoe Golf Course and find an arched wooden bridge with a bench to take it all in at the top of Blackwell Springs Lake. And if you want to combine these trails for a lengthy excursion, don’t let Heart Attack Hill — the steep connector trail — intimidate you!


  • Mike Davis Trail — aka Toad’s Pond Trail | 0.5 miles
  • Blackwell Springs Trail | 0.1 miles
  • Water Lily Access — to Blackwell Springs Trail | 0.1 miles
  • Waterford Way Access — to Blackwell Springs Trail | 0.6 miles

Big Canoe Trail Map

While traveling around Big Canoe trails, a map sure comes in handy, especially on trails without blazes. Here’s a link to the most recently updated Big Canoe Trails Map to aid your journey! 

Additional trail maps and information are available at the Wellness Center in the community and your condo or cabin rental with Mountain Vista Rentals via the Happy Stays app. 

Mountain Vista Rentals in Big Canoe, GA

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You can book Big Canoe vacation rentals near parks of interest so you can walk to trails too! No matter the size or location of your Big Canoe cabin rental or condo rental, every guest gets access to all Big Canoe trails and many other exclusive amenities in the community — including swimming pools, the golf course, tennis courts, beach club, eateries, the sauna, rock slide, and multimillion-dollar clubhouse! 

Plan your Big Canoe vacation in North Georgia and enjoy a mix of relaxing and challenging trails with scenic views in the Blue Ridge Mountains.